Anatomy of a Poker Player session: Winning vs Losing

I hope to play my best today.
Goal: make the best decision on every street.
QQ got the best of that Ax preflop.
I should probably play that AK differently.
*shuts phone off*
My mom is going to call, I’ll talk to her later.
He just showed a bluff, hrmmm.
Rough day today, payed well.
Hit my stop-loss limit time to go.

I hope I get lucky today.
Goal: take all the money and rub it on my titties.
Ace always hits the flop when I have QQ.
I hate AK, I always lose with it.
*makes sure phone is on*
I hope my mom doesn’t call, I’d rather talk later.
*checks text messages*
WTF F%CK TH1S SH!T, this is BULLSH!T!!
Hit my card withdraw limit, guess I’ll go.

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