Can you trust Bovada Poker? Is it time to trust Calvin Ayre?

If you did not know, the current number one US-facing site is Bovada Poker. Just have a look here on Poker Scout

That’s right. The old BoDog that suddenly changed to Bovada just before Feds Indict Former Online Gambling Billionaire Calvin Ayre

That’s right.

Calvin FUCKING Ayre.

You thought the high stake poker players were ballers? LOL If only you could sniff the baller level of Mr Ayre.

And this is before breakfast!

And this is before breakfast!

He’s been on the DOJ hit list for nearly 15 years now. FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS.

How does one dodge the DOJ so long? How does this happen?

The old BoDog was centrally located, or shall I say strategically, in Antigua. In fact, before the link to the pic was broken it sounds like the office was pretty damn nice. BoDog’s New Antigua head office completes renovations.

Why Antigua? Why would, what is considered a Canadian company, locate them selves on a tiny island in the Caribbean?

Just so happens that Antigua has the World Trade Organization on their side, at least one can speculate. They moved in before the UIGEA went into enforcement (remember, passed in 2006, but not until June 2010 did it go into effect.) While I’m not (nor have I heard) exactly why they moved there, but it sure seemed to work. It put up easier targets for the DOJ (the UltimateBets, Full Tilts, etc). If you want to try to find out more, there is PLENTY of info out there just Google some key words. There is even an old site: that has plenty of info on the online gambling haven of Antigua.

We all know how aggressively BoDog seeks the US market. They even have Sports book that feeds their poker games and a very controversial “anonymous tables” program, where they do not display player names.

But guess what…it’s working, they are growing in the US facing market and are even quick with payouts for a US site as they have recently received an A on the : February US Online Poker Payment Processing Report.

Working on his second decade of dodging the DOJ and growing BoDog into Bovada, I think its time to trust Calvin Ayre.

Try Bovada’s new Mac Poker client: click HERE.

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9 Responses to “Can you trust Bovada Poker? Is it time to trust Calvin Ayre?”

  1. Mike Player Says:

    It’s not variance. Bovada uses a system that “protects” loosing players and rewards players that are “net depositors”. They use a recreational poker model. What you are playing is “NOT” a true random card generator. It’s beyond variance. Not only are you playing against another player, but your also playing against Bovada’s poker model. So if you have pocket Aces and you get called by pocket Kings. Better hope you are against a winning player who hasn’t deposited recently because if you aren’t……here comes the King on the river. Yeah the 2 outer that everyone loves to call variance. Look it up.

  2. Stonewalled Says:


    I usually like your content, but this was terrible, starting with the fact that your premise is completely wrong since Bovada is not owned by Ayers. Even a cursory investigation reveals this. A post above also mentions it, yet you don’t acknowledge it. Poorly done, Joe!

    For example (from,

    “In July, 2011, Bodog Brand issued a press release announcing that the brand license arrangement with the MMGG would be terminated effective December 31, 2011.[5] On December 14, 2011, the MMGG announced that it would no longer operate any Bodog-branded websites and transitioned all customers to its new site.[6][7]

    The MMGG continues to operate, under the address, pursuant to a remote gaming license issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and is authorized by that license to offer gaming services worldwide.[citation needed]”

  3. deals4u Says:

    I love bovada and have never had an issue with there payouts or there poker.Not sure why so many people try to discredit a very good site.I’m mainly a sportsbook guy but I think there poker is fare to.

  4. Joe Tall Says:

    Hi Stonewalled,

    If you look in the comments, the fact that CA does not own Bovada is acknowledged.


  5. Joe Tall Says:

    Hi Mike,

    It’s not variance.

    It is variance you are witnessing. Their poker model is legit.


  6. Joe Tall Says:

    I signed up for this site for the first time yesterday. I put up $300 and had some fun. I logged off a few hours later up $140. I woke up eager to play a few sit and go’s with my morning Joe and found my account locked. Then I check my email and found that the site claims that I have multiple accounts! I was asked to scan a government ID and email it to them-which I did. I have no clue what is going on, but I am NOT happy that they locked my $300-plus my $140 in profit. I’ll post back after they review my id.

    Any updates Terry?


  7. Hunter Says:

    Yea, Terry, I would like to read an update on that situation when you have one.

  8. MrV Says:

    @MQuibb & Mike Palyer. Thank you for your posts. I came in search of others talking about the very unusual “variances” @ Bovada. I too am not a whiner on bad beats-it happens. I play a lot and never have I been rivered like I am when on Bovada. I first thought I was just being paranoid….but it has happened waaaay too often–always on the river–in a short amount of time. As with Terry Heller; when I first played–my very first game–I very quickly (5 minutes) got up $50 in a small stakes game…..sucked me in….and then the losing started. I’m a patient fairly good player. Call me paranoid–I’m suspicious.

  9. Henry Says:


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