Why people do not get TwoPlusTwo.

The recent banning of Daniel Negreanu from the TwoPlusTwo forums has brought this rant about why people (and smart people) just dont get TwoPlusTwo (2p2).

Let me preface this post by telling a bit of my 2p2 story. I was lucky enough to find 2p2 from the early days I lurked for years and then finally made a post in early 2003, finding 2p2 changed the course of my life.

Literally. (To read more of how I found 2p2 read: My Poker Story here.)

I have learned a lot about the internet by watching the forum grow over the years. Under the UBB format (launched in Sept 2002), I am registered member 2620 and I believe 2p2 has well over 250,000 registered users now and has moved well beyond poker (maybe poker has moved on at the same time.)

The TwoPlusTwo community has become so big that it is mapped on the internet.

Here is what everyone frequently forgets:

2p2 is a business.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a business. And we all know businesses can do whatever they want with their properties. Which means that posting on 2p2 is a privilege, not a right, and with privileges comes respect for the rules.

While the forum is fairly free to post anything from anyone when you register you agree to the Terms and Conditions. The T&C of 2p2 is set up to protect it’s business. Looking at the T&C you can clearly see that posts made to promote businesses are not allowed.

When you have a business (and I have several) and you are part of a community (like 2p2) it’s hard not to promote your business. I have been guilty of it in the past. I know many others have as well. But in all honesty you have to be extremely naive to get banned from 2p2. They are really easy to work with. That’s right, I said it, EASY. They’ll give you warnings, they will communicate you, and when they make a decision, you have to respect it.

It’s not that hard to understand.

While Daniel’s Vlog has been posted on 2p2, it was posted by fans of his.. Daniel needs to stop pretending he did not know what he was doing, just read the T&C, and thank 2p2 for the warning honestly.

If 2p2 allowed posters to promote their businesses, they would lose business, two fold. Their advertisers would not pay to advertise and the forums and would be run over by spam. Daniel remembers the days of Rec.Gambling.Poker, he knows how an unmoderated forum can be run over.

It’s not that hard.

Most posts on forms of social media have an underlying motive that has to do with business or ego.

Why do you think I made this one? :-D

Thanks for reading,

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