Poker Coaching

Schedule a Coaching Session with me for $100 per session. There are two options:

1. An hour of working on your poker mindset, how you can improve your score, playing your A-game at all times, defining your trigger points, avoiding the point of no return and more.

2. Post session review. You play a session, we go over the hands.

All sessions are recorded on internet phone and all post session reviews are put into reports. Both will be emailed for you to keep.

Rakeback clients with over $500 MGR receive 25% discount on coaching services.

Send me an email titled Poker Coaching to and answer these questions:

What game and limits do you play?

What time zone are you in?

What is your main source of income at the moment?

What poker books have you read?

Which one have you read the most?

How long have you been playing poker for fun?

How long have you played poker seriously?

Name five of your biggest leaks.

Name five of your biggest strengths.

What are your poker goals and what are you looking from a coach?

Send an email to to schedule an appointment.

Here is an example of the video file you will get with my coaching (actual coaching session sample):