Who Is Joe Tall?

I was born in 1972 and I have been playing poker since 1980 when my father taught me Seven Card Stud. I have played in the same home game for over 20 years and then in 2001, I got serious about my poker. I found the 2+2 forums and I bought 'Theory of Poker' by David Sklansky, my first poker book. Next I read 'Holdem Poker for Advanced Players' and I continued lurking and learning at 2+2. In 2002 I began posting in the strategy forums often.

I built up a bankroll by playing live at Foxwoods, and low limits online. In 2004, I left my job as a civil engineer to be a fulltime poker player. I have written articles and edited for strategy 'The Pocket Idiots Guide to Texas Holdem' by Carl Baldassarre and Randy Burgess which was published in February 2005.

With over 14,000 posts in the strategy forums of 2+2, I became a poker coach after getting a coach myself, that coach is none other than Tommy Angelo. I teach online players and live players, of all ages and experience levels. I have coached over 300 students in the last six years.

Joe is one of the founders, video producers, and a poker coach at the industry leading poker training site: DeucesCracked

Joe is a well known Fantasy Sport aficionado, focusing on Football and Baseball.

"Joe helped me improve my game by going through my opponent's probable hand holdings and discussing the best play." -Justin "Boosted J" Smith

"Joe revamped my nl approach to stud into an approach that has been proven to win." -Ashton "theASHMAN" Griffin